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Many businesses face the problem of sales results being below forecast. They spend thousands of pounds recruiting and training salespeople and still the figures are poor. Yet somehow a few individual salespeople produce outstanding results. Why the difference? Do you have a performance issue or a sales training issue? Jigsaw Sales Development can offer effective analysis of performance problems and propose appropriate measures to correct the deficiencies. Sometimes we can solve a  lack of motivation or application with simple one-to-one coaching sessions. Alternatively a sales training deficiency may need a more extensive program. With our help you can increase the performance of your whole sales function, increase retention, reduce costs and make significant steps towards achieving your sales goals.

Jigsaw Sales Development offer tailor made Sales Training and Coaching for you, your sales managers, or your sale people. You will make the choice of service, based on our joint assessment of your present sales performance and the needs identified to help you achieve your sales goals. Businesses find  our Training and Coaching  informative, practical, effective and fun.

We make our approach to Sales Training and Coaching very hands on, working with groups and individuals, not just in the classroom, but out in the field. At Jigsaw Sales Development we believe investing in your people is the best, and most cost effective way of ensuring your business excels in all market conditions.


“Peter was provided to us as a top class presenter for an in-house sales training video that we produced for a client. His skill and confidence in explaining sales concepts and techniques in easily understood fashion made him ideal in front of camera. He also provided valuable consultation when we made a presentational video selling the benefits of our client’s services, which has been extensively and successfully screened to hundreds of their customers in the licencing trade. Peter is a hugely likable, experienced and friendly person. His insights make the task of learning the skills of sales and marketing a pure joy. I thouroughly recommend him. Bob Ede – Managing Director –  Bob Ede Film and TV Ltd”


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