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Helping You Put The Pieces Together

Welcome to Jigsaw Sales Development . We aim to help your business increase sales. We offer jargon-free advice, training and coaching through all stages of your sales cycle, from prospect identification right through to completed order. We have helped many businesses achieve outstanding improvements in their sales performance.   We consciously avoid using fancy buzz words and techno-babble. Our clients benefit from our involvement and appreciate our easily understood advice which gets results quickly amd effectively. We will work with your company at all levels: Board of Directors, Senior Management, Supervisors or front line Sales Staff

Jigsaw Sales Development aims to help your business optimise sales performance at all key points throughout the process. We do this by assessing your present performance through an initial review and offering tailor made solutions to your particular needs.

All sorts of businesses find the assistance offered by Jigsaw Sales Development pragmatic and practical, we don’t just measure, measure and measure again, we will give real hands on training. Some will take place in the classroom and we will also work in the field in real life sales situations. We will be there coaching you and your sales people by working together with you in live sales situations with real customers.

By working directly with you  Jigsaw Sales Development will increase your sales performance in a lasting way by adding to your selling skills and teaching your staff lifelong habits that will produce measurable and sustainable results for years to come.

The areas we will help with include

Most businesses have the right pieces within their organisation, they know what direction they want to go and they have extensive knowledge of their industry. Jigsaw Sales Development will help you  to put those pieces together in a way that will give the best results for your business, helping you obtain better productivity and increased profits.

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